Thursday, April 3, 2014

casa numero tres


This past October I wrote this post expressing our desire to move into the neighborhood where Krochet Kids is located. It has been our desire from the beginning to make this move happen, but we haven't been ready, for many reasons, to pull the trigger until now. So, March 1st, we moved just a few blocks from Krochet Kids. Into the barrio. On a road that most taxis won't go to. On a street that has no name. Into an area that doesn't have gringos. Now don't get me wrong, we are still relatively safe. Our apartment is actually brand new. I can't complain. But it is a huge change for us. We wake up to roosters crowing in the morning and dogs barking all night. There are always lots of people out on the streets hanging out. We are in an apartment with no yard. 

It was time for us to make this change. We were not only ready for it, but excited about it. Krochet Kids is our family and our community and we hated living so far from everyone. Blake was so tired of making the almost hour commute back and forth everyday. And our kids actually play outside more now because it is acceptable to be out in the street here. Where we lived before everyone hid behind their walls. I know that our life is going to be so much more rich and full here. 


About the house: it contains three apartments and everyone who lives in it works for Krochet Kids! We live in the apartment on the first floor. Marina and Annie, who lived with us in our previous house, live in one of the apartments on the second floor. They share our apartment also, though, because they don't have any furniture for their living room or kitchen. Plus we like living with them, so we really treat our two apartments as one. Steven, Blake's assistant, and Patricia, a mentor, live in the other apartment on the second floor. All 10 of us eat dinner together five times a week, taking turns preparing meals. It is true community living at its finest. We are so blessed to do life with these people and to have them loving on our kids.

So, here is our apartment. When you walk into the front door you have the stairs to the upstairs apartments on your left and the door to our apartment in front of you.

Our front door opens to our living room. (Nothing has been hung on the walls yet, so they're looking a little bare!)

View from the other side of the living room. You can see the front door of the house and the steps to the upstairs.

After the living room, if you take an immediate right, you walk into the kitchen. This room was actually just a countertop with a sink originally. We put all of the cabinets in.

If you are standing where I took the first picture of the kitchen and turned around, you would see our garage. With limited space and 10 people around the dinner table each night, we decided to make the garage into our dining room. It isn't the smartest decision to leave our car out at night, but you've got to do what you've got to do. Please note our lovely pantry made out of cardboard boxes.

View from the other side of the room.

Now we're back at the edge of the living room looking down the hall at the rest of the apartment. My desk and the homework spot is here. The first door on the left is the master bedroom. 

The master bedroom. We have a small master bath on the right side also.

You may have noticed that our apartment has no exterior windows. Thankfully we have this skylight that goes between the two upstairs apartments to let natural light in. And then each bedroom has interior windows to the hall/skylight. The interior window you see in the picture below is Marina and Annie's bedroom, so they can always hear our wonderful kids (which they love, especially at 6:30 in the morning).

Halfway down the hallway on the right is the laundry area and main bathroom.

Main bathroom. Since the apartments don't have hot water, we put a hot water system in this shower. That means that there are eight of us (including Marina and Annie) sharing one shower.

Looking back down the hall to the living room.

On the left after the laundry area is the boys' room.


And on the right after the laundry area is the girls' room.


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