Tuesday, November 5, 2013


As I mentioned in my last post, we came home from Rudy's roof ceremony with a unique parting gift. Here it is...


The backstory:
As kids do, our kids have been begging for a family pet for years. I'm not an animal person and with the reality that I would be said pet's primary caregiver, the answer has always been "no." In the past year, I finally broke down and said that a cat would be the only pet I was up for taking care of. Blake immediately squashed that idea saying that a cat would never live in his home (he is allergic and a cat-hater).

So, that is where our family stood when we pulled up to Rudy's house and saw a sign on her neighbor's front door advertising free kittens. The kids and I immediately sprung into action. We asked to see the kittens and held a few. They were so cute and little. The kids begged Blake for a kitten. And they begged and begged the whole two hours that we were there. (With a small break in the begging when we saw that Blake was getting annoyed.)

In the end, Blake couldn't say no to these faces...


Meet Leopardo (Spanish for leopard) or Leo (pronounced lay-o) as we call him. He has been the perfect addition to our family. He is extremely cuddly and loves to play, but is super low maintenance. It is sweet to see the kids so happy. They are all wonderful with him except for Tyler, who is obsessed with him and wants to be holding him all the time. Leo has quickly learned to run from her. She is just so happy to finally have someone smaller than her in this house.


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