Wednesday, October 30, 2013


We recently had a few big events that we were excited to celebrate with our Krochet Kids Peru family. 


Rudy, who has worked for KKp for over a year, was able to put a concrete roof on her house. This not only means more protection for her home than the plastic roof that she had, but also that she can eventually build a second floor to rent out as extra income. Rudy and her husband, along with the help of other ladies from KKp, threw a fun roof christening ceremony. We all came to watch the roof be laid and people important to Rudy's family all ceremoniously shoveled gravel into the mixer. When the roof was completed champagne bottles were hung from the rafters and Blake, Saúl (KKp staff), and Adam (KKi staff who was visiting from the States) all broke the bottles. Then wine and food were passed out, along with Rudy throwing candy and coins into the air for everyone to grab. We are so excited for Rudy and her family and we loved being a part of their big day. We also brought home a unique party favor that I'm going to share about soon!


The mentors at KKp also threw a baby shower for all of our pregnant ladies (with one of the babies having already just been born). I have to say that it was the most fun party we have ever had! Ladies had to tie their shoes with a balloon in their shirts, Silvana had to feed Marina with a bottle, and Sabrina had to put a diaper on Jhon and then he crawled around like a baby. There was lots and lots of laughter and we were able to "shower" the ladies with lots of gifts for their new babies. 


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