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Back in July we spent a month in the States visiting family and friends. I know that a month sounds like a long time, but it always ends up being a whirlwind of a trip. There are so many people that we want to spend time with, tons of errands to run, places to eat, and days spent traveling. It's the best of times and the worst of times with all that we try to fit in. Here's a photo recap of highlights from our trip:

Leg 1 :: California
Our flight from Lima to Dallas was delayed for over an hour, putting us into the Dallas immigration line at apparently the same time as every other flight. We missed our original connection and only because of begging and pleading with the right people did we make the only other open flight out for the day.

But it was all worth it because we got to meet my sister and brother-in-law's new baby, Owen Jack. We all agreed that being with our new cousin/nephew was the highlight of our trip. IMG_1714IMG_1732IMG_1747IMG_1771

We also loved being with Owen's big sister, Ever. It had been a year since the cousins were together, so they were so happy to be back together. We arrived on Ever's 3rd birthday and got to go to her birthday party!

IMG_1761IMG_1797IMG_1789tyler swing

After our few days in Pasadena, we drove to Orange County, which is home for us. We lived there for almost eight years, but only had four days to fit in seeing everyone we loved and missed. I did a horrible job of taking pictures with our friends while we were there, but this was a rich time for us. We spent time with friends that have been walking alongside us in life for a long time. The kids also "helped" at the Krochet Kids sample sale. We fit in doctor check ups for all four kids (their first in 2.5 years). And Brady sliced open his foot on an exposed sawed off bottom of a metal pole.IMG_1816IMG_1812IMG_1824brady er

Leg 2 :: Tennessee
From California we flew to Tennessee to visit Blake's family. Since we flew into Nashville, we were able to bbq with our close friends that all live there now (and all 13 of our crazy kids). The kids then spent the week driving the mower, playing baseball and golf, riding go carts, and doing projects in the garage. We also went tubing, visited a water park, and stayed in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains.
nashville get togetherriley and tylerIMG_1848golftubingkristen & riley

On our way from Tennessee to North Carolina we got to spend the night with our oldest friends, the McMinns, which was a huge treat.IMG_1856

Leg 3 :: North Carolina
Next we drove from Tennessee to North Carolina to visit my family. The three big kids got to go to soccer camp at Wake Forest University for the week. We also went to the science center, movies, Build-A-Bear more times than I can count, swimming, and savored our last bites of Panera Bread. This is also the week that I run most of my errands to stock up on things that we need for the coming year in Peru. (I took back 40 pounds of peanut butter alone.)
IMG_1882rock bandIMG_1857IMG_1902ut & deacon

Leg 4 :: The Beach
Our last week was spent at the beach. Unfortunately Blake only got to be with us for one day because he had to head back to Peru for work. But my sister's family came from California, so combined with my other sister and her husband and my parents, my whole family was there. My cousin also got to come for a few days, so we had a wonderfully full house! I spent most of my week doing my favorite thing in the world: holding a baby. IMG_1917IMG_1923IMG_1954IMG_1959IMG_1996IMG_2006IMG_2011IMG_2017Ever & TylerIMG_2053

And before we knew it, we were on our way back to Peru. I survived 19 hours of traveling alone with four kids, arrived home at 3:30am, unpacked and repacked, got two hours of sleep, got the kids off to school at 7am, and returned to the airport for our Inca Trail trip.IMG_2080

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