Tuesday, September 3, 2013

the inca trail day 4

Blake & Sarah

Our final day! I can't tell you how happy I was to see this day. We started at 5am so that we would make it to Machu Picchu around 1pm. On the way we also stopped at Wiñay Wayna, an incredible Inca ruin. After a beautiful lunch overlooking the Andes Mountains, we began our final hike. The moment that we arrived at the Sun Gate, which overlooks all of Machu Picchu, was very emotional. Four days of incredibly strenuous hiking, sleeping in below freezing temperatures, and battling pain and soreness all culminated in standing over one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was a huge victory for me and I'm so thankful that I got to share it with Blake. Hiking the Inca Trail together, as hard as it was, was a gift for us. Blake got to do something that he loves (hiking and camping) with his wife by his side and I got to experience Blake's patience and commitment to me as he walked with me the entire way. We are incredibly grateful to the WinShape Foundation for their desire and willingness to care for us and our marriage in this way. They even went above and beyond and booked us an amazing hotel for our final night, where we slept in real beds!

IMG_6572DSC_0261IMG_6577IMG_6586IMG_6581photo (11)

Wiñay Wayna. To think that this mountainside originally looked like the forest mountainside beside it blew my mind. How long did it take the Incans to get rid of all of that vegetation and build such an amazing agricultural site?DSC_0300IMG_6589IMG_6591IMG_1979IMG_1587DSC_0328

Our last few steps of the Inca Trail. This is my "we're almost there!" face. IMG_6617IMG_6618DSC_0351IMG_4323IMG_6627DSC_0361DSC_0373IMG_1578IMG_6637guys Inca TrailIMG_6639IMG_0254IMG_6642IMG_1576IMG_4342IMG_4345IMG_4361IMG_4369DSC_0397

On the bus to Aguas Calientes, the city below Machu Picchu. This is my "I'm done hiking and am sitting in a seat for the first time in 4 days!" face.DSC_0404IMG_6680IMG_6686

Toasting to our final dinner together and survival of the trail. 

Our hotel in Ollantaytambo was right on the train tracks. 

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