Thursday, September 5, 2013

Krochet Kids intl. x Vans collaboration

Way back in January we had the treat of hosting pro surfer Leila Hurst and a crew from Vans shoes. Krochet Kids and Vans were partnering up to create shoes that featured knit panels from our ladies. Leila was sent down to meet the ladies and see how the panels were made and to teach the ladies how to surf. Since most of the ladies don't even know how to swim, surfing was a huge deal! And even though they only live a few miles from the beach, many of their kids had never been. Watching these kids enjoy the sand and water for the first time in their lives was beautiful. Spending the day on the beach with the KKp ladies and their families has become one of my favorite memories of our time here so far. We also had a blast hanging out with Leila and the crew for the few days that they were here. Since it was during the time that our three big kids were in the States with grandparents, I actually got to go out and do grown-up things! (With Tyler in tow, of course.) 

Below is the video that Vans made of Leila's time in Peru to promote the Krochet Kids intl. x Vans collaboration. And you can shop the shoes (and a backpack!) here.


I wish I had more pictures of our day at the beach, but I was on babysitting duty so the ladies could surf.IMG_2205IMG_2233IMG_2238IMG_2234

This was Tyler's first time surfing and she is now an addict.IMG_2207IMG_2227IMG_2220IMG_2051IMG_2053

All of our nights with the Vans crew ended like this for Tyler.IMG_2065

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