Saturday, August 31, 2013

the inca trail day 3

Day 3 of the Inca Trail was much more enjoyable than the previous day. We had a few hours of hiking uphill to start our day, but the rest of the day was either downhill or flat. We got to see many amazing Inca ruins along the way that served as either look out posts or places of rest for Incas hiking the trail. We hiked through the Cloud Forest, which reminded me of the rainforest, except that we were 13,000ft up! Supposedly our campsite for that night had incredible views, but the clouds were so thick that we couldn't see a thing. We went to bed that night dreaming of finally seeing Machu Picchu the next day!


Ok, so I have to admit that we were spoiled on this trip. These guys, called porters, carried all of the camp equipment for us. That's about 60 pounds on this guy's back. We were in constant awe of them. They also ran ahead of us and had camp set up by the time we got there (including our meals).
IMG_6518IMG_6532IMG_6528Blake, Tara, JM

This is what the trail was saying to me with every step that I took.IMG_6538IMG_6543IMG_6546IMG_6547IMG_6555IMG_6557

Blake is pointing to the trail that leads to our campsite in this picture.IMG_6558IMG_1762IMG_6567

Llamas just hanging around our campsite. Totally normal, right?IMG_1769IMG_6573

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