Thursday, August 29, 2013

the inca trail day 2

Day 2 was the hardest day of the trail. We spent 6 hours hiking straight up a mountain. We went from 9,800ft to 14,000ft. By the end, I could only take about five steps without needing to rest and catch my breath. Once we reached the top (aptly named Dead Woman's Pass) we then hiked back down 1.5 hours to our campsite. The other days of our hike, there were moments that I actually enjoyed myself, but this day was not my favorite. At the beginning of our hike that day, we passed people already coming back down. It was too hard for them and they were turning back. I resolved right then to not be one of those people. I may not have been physically fit enough to hike the Inca Trail, but I made up for that in my stubbornness and that is what ultimately got me through the day.

This is the last part of the uphill hike. I'm pointing to our ultimate destination. It took me two hours to get from where I'm standing to that point.

We made it!IMG_6480

And now we have to hike right back down.IMG_6477


Finally we can see our camp...and the path that we have to hike up the next day.IMG_6492IMG_6495IMG_6502IMG_6504

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