Tuesday, April 9, 2013

semana santa 2013

This was our third Easter in Peru. I've shared in the past that Easter is not really celebrated in Peru. {Past Semana Santa posts are here and here.} You won't find any egg decorating kits in the grocery store or see any Easter baskets, but there is plenty of Easter candy everywhere! Semana Santa means Holy Week and it is one of the major holidays in Peru. Everything is shut down on the Thursday and Friday before Easter. It is the most peaceful and quiet you will ever find this city. We love it. This year was even more special because we spent almost the entire week with friends, who have really become family to us here. We had dinner every night with different friends. Being with people we love and celebrating Resurrection Sunday made it an incredible week.

The really sad part is that I took almost no pictures. Mainly because I was just always in the moment, enjoying time with friends. But I do wish that I had at least a few pictures of my kids on Sunday. The bright side is that I wasn't the bad guy making everyone pose for pictures!

Riley started the week with a back to school pool party with her friends. The boys had their party a few weeks ago and it was chaos with 13 boys swimming, jumping on the trampoline, and wrestling. Riley's party was a little different. Nice and calm, no parental interventions needed. 

So, I think that I have neglected to share that we finally hired another staff person from the States. In January, Marina moved here to be our production manager and we are so incredibly thankful that she is here! Not only has she been a huge help at the office, but she's a great friend. And a great cook. Marina moved in during Semana Santa and baked way too many goodies for us. Here are her homemade bagels. IMG_2649IMG_1239

We did a puzzle, of course, just like on any good holiday break.

Riley, Ford, and I have spent the past few months reading and loving all of the Harry Potter books. After we finished each book, we watched the movie together. Our Harry Potter season came to an end during Semana Santa when we watched the last two movies. Marina made butterbeer and Riley made decorations to celebrate the occasion.

Tyler is always so good at keeping herself busy. One of her favorite things to do is dress up in the boys' school uniforms, go in the yard with their backpacks, and pretend to do school.IMG_5366

Brady loves, loves, loves watching soccer games. He was up at the crack of dawn on Sunday to watch Liverpool.IMG_5372

And our lovely Easter dinner for the kids. Leftovers, hot dogs, and Marina's homemade applesauce. Yum.IMG_5374

Later the adults had popcorn for dinner. We were a little worn out from our weekend of fun.IMG_5377

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