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We were so excited to be able to attend the first wedding of one of our KKp ladies, Silvana, this past weekend. Actual wedding ceremonies for those living in Pacifico (the community our ladies live in) are rare. As a side note, civil and religious marriage ceremonies are completely separate in Peru. You have to go to the courthouse and be married by an official there for a marriage to be legal. Then most people choose to also have a religious ceremony with their pastor/church. It is common here for people to attend both ceremonies. 

We attended Silvana's religious ceremony which started at 9pm on a Saturday night! Of course it took us awhile to find the church because directions here are never straightforward, nor are all streets named. When we finally found the church, we found that the wedding had not started yet (thankfully), but a church service was underway. We walked in and found a rad old man singing along to a keyboard and electric guitar with lots of incense burning. Let the cultural experience begin!

(Note: we waited to take pictures until we were sure that it was allowed/not offensive. Because everyone was excited for Silvana, lots of pictures were being taken!)

The church service included a reading of the 10 Commandments. IMG_5284

The musicians.IMG_5289

The ceremony. (This is the rad dude who was singing when we got there.)

Silvana and Simon's son, Emerson.

Blake was asked on the spot to share some words of blessing with the couple. IMG_2619

Lucy, one of the ladies in our program, also came.

Silvana sang.

Tyler started to get a little tired.

Simon threw a small bouquet to the single men.

And then Silvana threw her bouquet to the single ladies. Lucy caught it!IMG_2632

At this point, a few of us were asleep and we finally politely excused ourselves to go home at 11:30. Silvana later told Blake that the party went until 5:30am. 

Congratulations to Silvana and Simon! Their church could not have been more welcoming to us and made us feel so comfortable. We were so thankful to be a part of their big day night. 

Here's a few videos that capture the experience a little better.

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