Sunday, March 24, 2013

spring collection

The Krochet Kids spring collection launched last week and there are lots of new products from Peru! The most exciting part of this collection is that we are making all KKi shirts at our site here. Because of the American Giving Awards we were able to buy all of the necessary machines and hire trainers/staff to open a "cut and sew" program. Six of our original ladies moved over to this program and they are all very excited about it! It's an opportunity for them to gain more skills and learn more about the clothing industry. My personal favorites from the spring collection are the ipad/laptop covers. I am so in love with the design of them!

Check the spring collection out here.

And to say thanks for being on this journey with us, we want to give away one of each of our new hats. All you have to do is leave a comment with which hat you like most. Whichever hat you say that you like most is the hat you will be entered to win. I will write all of the entries on a slip of paper and have my kids draw the winners. Comments will close on April 1st at midnight and the winners announced on April 3rd. 

The Amor

The Becks

The Owen


Anonymous said...

Hard to choose, but I LOVE the Amor!!! :)
-Karyn Schmidt from Oregon :)

Eryn S said...

I love the Becks! I'd like to be entered for that one please! :) KKi is doing some great work and its awesome to have a "behind the scenes" view from your blog! :)