Wednesday, March 6, 2013

jungle :: day three

We started the day in hammocks, of course, with some turkeys and monkeys running around.  


Before heading out, everyone got to hold Yulissa, the monkey. She loves attention, so having all of these kids to play with made her very hyper!


Then we headed out on the boat and traveled back to Iquitos. From the port, we had a long and bumpy moto taxi ride to our destination, the zoo.


{There are also two kids and the driver on this motorcycle.}

The zoo wasn't too exciting except for the part where we held an anaconda. In our family, Riley was the only one brave enough to hold it all by herself. Blake has a huge fear of snakes so he didn't get anywhere near that thing. The highlight of the zoo was its beach, but somehow we didn't get any pictures of that time. It was incredibly hot, so getting in the river water felt amazing. We also ate lunch on a restaurant porch there while it poured rain. 

{See the ants carrying the leaves?}

Most of our day was spent at the zoo, but on our way home we stopped at a manatee rescue center. The kids all got to feed and give bottles to the baby manatees. This was another highlight of the trip for Riley and manatees are now one of her favorite animals.


{Tyler giving the manatee a bottle.}

Since it had rained so hard during the day, our moto taxi trip home included driving through lots of large puddles. 


The boat ride home.

And our day ended the way it had begun, in the hammock.


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