Friday, March 8, 2013

jungle :: day four

You know the drill by now. Hammocks.

Chasing turkeys.


Our first stop on day four was a riverside village called Santa Clara. One of our guides and the men who drove our boat all live here. We enjoyed walking around and the kids found a playground which made them very happy.

Then it was back on the boat for a two hour ride to another riverside village much deeper in the jungle. 

Poor Maddox was sick and had to spend the day at the hospital in Iquitos, so all of the kids made get well cards for him.IMG_4080IMG_4081IMG_0455IMG_2353IMG_2355

It was so hot by the time we got to the village that we had a hard time enjoying our walk, but I loved seeing more of life in the jungle. 

The village where we docked had an area of sandy beach, so we let the kids swim for awhile. One of the villagers also took the kids out fishing which was one of Brady's favorite things about our whole trip.

The kids kept racing to this tree.IMG_4113nonameIMG_4117DSC_0373DSC_0380IMG_4121

Can you find Brady?IMG_4123DSC_0387DSC_0388IMG_4132

Our boat ride home was full of tired and hot little kids.

On the way we stopped at Santa Clara again to drop off our guide and the whole village was in the river partying. It was awesome! A bunch of the kids were log rolling also. Such a sweet and simple life. IMG_2370IMG_0475

We finally got back to our village, San Pedro, and were greeted by a beautiful rainbow to end the day.

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