Monday, March 11, 2013

jungle :: day five

Our last day was action packed because we weren't flying out until 9:30 at night. We left our lodge for the last time after breakfast and headed to Iquitos. 


In Iquitos, we took moto taxis to a section of the city called Belén. IMG_2394IMG_2397

Belén is a very poor community on the Itaya River (a tributary of the Amazon River). Because this river floods during rainy season, many of the homes are built on stilts or are floating. We walked across pathways built above the water to get into a boat and catch a glimpse of life in this "floating village." This was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. IMG_2399IMG_0507

{This house was for rent. Any takers?}IMG_0508IMG_0515IMG_0518

{These boys were running a little grocery store out of their boat.}IMG_0519IMG_0520IMG_4146IMG_4152

{The discoteca. It starts to sink when it gets crowded, but the people keep dancing, even with water up to their knees.}IMG_4158IMG_4892IMG_4171

{Chickens. We actually saw HUGE pigs on the bottom planks of one house, but I didn't get a picture.}IMG_4175IMG_4181

{A preschool.}IMG_4184

{A traveling restaurant.}IMG_4192IMG_4197IMG_0541IMG_4203IMG_4221

{Another set of boys running a grocery store.}IMG_4222IMG_4232

{A school.}IMG_4138

{And its soccer goal.}IMG_0513

{See the little rectangle wrapped in blue tarp? That's the bathroom, which dumps straight into the river.}

We docked at the steps in the picture below and then grabbed some lunch. We spent the afternoon walking around Iquitos (my new favorite city), shopping for some last minute souvenirs, getting ice cream, and touring a museum. IMG_4905IMG_2405IMG_2406IMG_2409IMG_2411IMG_2413

{Tyler spent a good 20 minutes in this bathroom. Traveling with kids is always exciting in its own way.}

Some of our good friends, the Gutierrezes, were also visiting Iquitos, so we had a big family dinner!jungle group pic

And then it was time to go to the airport in the pouring down rain.IMG_4913IMG_4916

As I said before, best family vacation ever! We're so thankful for all of the amazing memories that we made together.noname

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