Tuesday, February 5, 2013

krochet kids peru christmas

Why, yes, I am doing a Christmas post in February. That's how far behind I am. Yikes.

We had two different Krochet Kids Peru Christmas parties. The first one was for the ladies and their families. We provided child care (complete with clowns and games), so that the ladies could relax and enjoy a nice meal, some entertainment, and, of course, dancing. It was a really fun day and the ladies even got Blake to dance which is no small feat.


KKp Christmas Party Dance from Sarah Goodfellow on Vimeo.

Our second Christmas party was for the staff of KKp. We have 11 staff members working for KKp now (from our lawyer to our mentors to our production team). Our good friend, Danny, made an amazing meal for everyone and we served the staff dinner at our home. It was a sweet time with people we have grown to love dearly!

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