Thursday, February 28, 2013

jungle :: day one

Our trip to the Amazon jungle was incredible! I feel like I spent most of our trip in awe of all that we were seeing and doing. All of our kids agreed that it was the best family vacation we have ever been on. Ever since we got home Tyler has been telling me how sad she is and that she misses the jungle. We also had so much fun doing it with our friends, Lee and Stephanie, and their three kids. There aren't many people that we would be able to take such an intense trip with and come out even better friends than before, so the Fletchers are special people to us. We are so blessed to have been able to take this trip. It's an experience that we will never forget. 

We started our first day at 4am because our flight was at 6am. The trip started with a little drama when Lee missed the flight due to an undeclared BB gun in his suitcase. Thankfully he was able to catch a later flight and join us after lunch. 


We arrived in the city of Iquitos at 8am and met up with our guide, Gart. I fell in love with this city. It's just so simple compared to the crazy city life we lead in Lima. There aren't many cars on the road, mainly just moto taxis and motorcycles, so no traffic. {Iquitos is the world's largest city that cannot be reached by road, only air or river.} One of my favorite things about the whole trip was people watching in Iquitos. I love seeing life in other countries/cultures and I am especially thankful that my kids get to see life in other countries/cultures. 


We had decided that we wanted an authentic jungle experience so we left the city and stayed in a lodge that took about an hour to get to by boat. We took moto taxis to the port and then took a "peque peque" to our lodge. 


Our lodge was situated in a village of about 300 people. Only the dining room/porch area had electricity (run by a generator) at night. Thankfully we did have bathrooms attached to our rooms, but our first night there was a huge frog in our toilet so I ended up shuttling Tyler to another bathroom in the middle of the night. 

{The village}

{Our lodge}IMG_3806

We spent our first day hanging out on the porch/common area and walking into the village. The kids loved the hammocks. In fact, Ford said the hammocks were his favorite part of the whole trip. 


Since our lodge was located right on the water, the kids swam in the Nanay River almost everyday. This river is one of the tributary rivers to the Amazon River. During the dry season, this river becomes a beautiful beach and we would have had to walk to our lodge from a certain point instead of taking a boat in. 


Brady hated the way the bottom of the river felt, so he would run to shore as fast as he could saying, "It's weird. I'm don't like it. It's weird. I don't like it."DSC_0226DSC_0230

The kids also got to know the lodge's monkey, Yulissa. She was extremely friendly and was always trying to get the kids' attention. She is a Capuchin monkey and they are considered to be the most intelligent of the smaller monkeys.


We ended the day with one of our favorite Peruvian dishes, lomo saltado, and then all crawled into bed early, completely exhausted, but excited for the adventures to come!

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