Monday, February 11, 2013

christmas shows 2012

End of the school year/Christmas shows are a big deal in Peru, especially with younger kids. This Christmas did not disappoint. Riley's class did a play that centered around a family where the kids had lost the spirit of Christmas. Riley, of course, played the mom. Riley was also honored after the performance for Outstanding Achievement for the year in her class. 

IMG_3636IMG_3635IMG_3637IMG_3642IMG_3644IMG_3650 IMG_3629

Ford's class also did a play about losing and then finding the spirit of Christmas. Ford had one line about how he was excited about setting off fireworks on Christmas and then they sang a song. Ford hates being in front of large crowds, so we are always so proud of him when he conquers this fear! 


Brady's class did a dance and Brady got down. That kid loves to dance. IMG_3581IMG_3584IMG_3599IMG_3587IMG_3603IMG_3614IMG_3620

And the grand finale was Tyler's dance. She was a siren from the lagoon and the boys were the loch mess monster. After their dance the whole school sang Christmas songs and then they had a preschool graduation ceremony for Tyler's class. Tyler belted out the Peruvian National Anthem at the top of her lungs for the ceremony. It was amazing and adorable and one of my favorite memories of 2012. 

One of these things is not like the other.IMG_1782
Tyler's Christmas Show from Sarah Goodfellow on Vimeo.

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