Monday, December 3, 2012


Krochet Kids International, the NGO that we work for and love, is in the running to win 1 million dollars through the Chase American Giving Awards.  Only 25 organizations were picked to participate, so we have a pretty good chance at winning this money!  If we even place first in our category of five organizations, we win 125,000 dollars.  But we need your help.  It only takes a few seconds to vote and you only have to vote once.

If KKi wins the million dollars, they plan to start a program in the United States.  Our existing programs in Uganda and Peru will also receive important money to help grow our programs and hire more ladies.  As someone on the ground, working for Krochet Kids, I can personally attest to the integrity and quality of the KKi programs.  I believe in them enough to move my family of six to Peru. I believe in the change that I see happening in our ladies right in front of my eyes.  

Below is a personal look at one of the ladies that Krochet Kids has helped.  Since this video was made, Jacqui was able to leave her abusive husband with the money she earns through KKp.  {Two other ladies in our program have also been able to leave abusive spouses.}  There are thousands of other Jacquis in the neighborhood where we are working in Lima, Peru.  Let's win this money so that they can all have the opportunity to change their lives.

Please vote here.

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