Thursday, December 13, 2012



This crazy dude turned seven years old on Tuesday.  Seeing him get older is just weird.  He seems like he should be a little kid forever, like one of the lost boys from Peter Pan.  Brady has always brought laughter and lightness into our home.  He enjoys the moment and adapts easily to whatever is thrown his way.    He loves to snuggle and always wants to hold a hand or lean his head on a shoulder.  Brady struggles to stay focused, so we are so proud of how hard he works in school.  Especially in a school that focuses on rote learning and sitting at desks all day.  You can count on finding him on the trampoline with a soccer ball after a long day at school.  Brady is also incredibly kind and loves to help others.  We are so thankful for the pure joy that he brings to us!

Our boys couldn't be more any more different from each other, but it brings a wonderful balance to our home (when they're not fighting).  Brady's personality is also so different from my own and it has really helped me grow.  I look at him and want to have his enjoyment of the moment and his carefree attitude.  Brady reminds me so much of Blake that many days I feel like I am raising my husband.  It's a little freaky.  

Brady wanted to go to the movies again this year for his birthday party.  He also just wanted his best friend there, Alessandro.  In true Peruvian style, the boys enjoyed lots and lots of junk food.  Brady doesn't like cake, though, so we put candles in his ice cream for his birthday celebrations.


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