Thursday, November 15, 2012


Thanks to very cheap airfare out of LAX, we have had many visitors these past few months.  Actually since the beginning of June we haven't gone longer than two weeks without someone either living with us or visiting us.  I can honestly say that it has been a blast and lifted our spirits in huge ways.  We have been able to experience so much community in the past few months and it has really filled our hearts.  We're very thankful.

I mentioned in this post that our friend Jenna visited for three weeks.  She jumped right in and helped a ton with Krochet Kids and loved on our kids (which is a huge gift to us).  We definitely got used to having her around and tried to convince her to stay.  

On her last morning with us, Jenna organized a pancake breakfast with our interns for the kids.  And then everyone piled in for school drop offs and a day at Krochet Kids.


We also had five staff from Krochet Kids come for a week, along with the couple who donated to our Kick Starter campaign and got a trip to Peru.  They were here for Riley's birthday which was so special for her.  The staff stayed with us which made for a very fun week!  There were lots of night sessions on the trampoline with four little kids and five big kids.  The KKi staff love on our kids so much and there were many tears when they left.  Our boys definitely look up to all of the guys and we're thankful to have such great role models in our kids' lives.


The guys helped us blow up a gazillion ballons to put in Riley's room for her birthday while she slept.

Ford put on a magic show as a going away party for everyone.IMG_3687

We had one of our more "interesting" experiences since moving to Peru while the staff was here.  All 11 of us were crammed in our Volkswagon bus returning from the KKp anniversary celebration when Brady had an iPhone stolen out of his hands while sitting in the back of the car (through an open window).  I have never seen Brady so terrified and our kids definitely had their eyes opened a bit by the experience.  We have dealt with some fear since that was made worse when our car battery was stolen out of our car while in front of our house.  We're praying for Brady especially to not have any more fear and be able to sleep at night.

Next, my friend Melissa, her son Noah, and her friend Erika came for a week.  Again, the kids had so much fun, especially with Noah. It was sweet for me to have a dear friend to hang out with and to have her see our life here.  Plus the kids had another great role model in Noah to observe.  

IMG_3767noah and tyler 2noah and tyler

Melissa joining in on our family game of charades.

And last, but not least, we had two more staff from Krochet Kids come down.  Everything that I said about the KKi staff above applies to them too.  Adam brainwashed our kids while he was here into being Liverpool fans.  
photo (8)photo (9)photo (10)

All of these people feel like family now.  Our kids are attached to each and every one of them.  They encouraged us with their willingness to walk alongside us in our crazy Peruvian life.  And thankfully we still have more visitors to come!

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