Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Tyler montage

This little girl turned four years old last week.  She is so much fun right now (see above pictures for evidence) that daily we talk about how we want to stop time and keep her right where she is.  But since Tyler insists on growing up, we decided to get with the program and celebrate her fourth birthday.

In the morning, while the big kids were in school, I took Tyler to an amazing pretend city that we have here in Lima.  This place puts all other pretend cities to shame.  Adults are actually not allowed in any of the job sites.  There is a timer outside of each job so you know when your kid will be done with their work.  Tyler loved every minute of it. 


All that Tyler wanted for her birthday was to decorate cupcakes like Riley had done for her birthday, so we invited our friends, the Fletchers, over for dinner and cupcake decorating and called it a party.  Easiest birthday ever.


Tyler and her boyfriend, Liam.

The next day I also took a cake to Tyler's preschool for a small celebration.  Tyler usually doesn't allow us to come into her class (she doesn't like her two worlds mixing), but she made an exception this time on account of the cake.


Overall it was a great celebration of the sweet and sassy little girl who has completely captured our hearts.


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