Thursday, November 29, 2012

día de acción de gracias 2012

This is how our Thanksgiving ended this a police station.IMG_1619

It all started with a fun Peruvian-Thanksgiving dinner with our friends Mark and Kristen and their kids, who were visiting us from the States.  IMG_1564

On the way home from dinner, three blocks from our house, three men broke our car window and stole Kristen's purse and phone.  IMG_1571IMG_1572

Riley, Tyler, and Kristen's girls were in the car and witnessed everything.  Brady was in Blake's car in front of us, but happened to be turned around and also saw it all go down.  To say we were all traumatized seems like an understatement at this point.  As I mentioned in this post, Brady recently had a phone stolen out of his hands through an open window while in Blake's car. We also had our car battery stolen out of our car in front of our house, so Brady was having a hard time sleeping at night knowing that robbers had been to our house. We were barely keeping the lid on his fears, so watching his mom's car be approached by three men and seeing them smash the window, blew the lid off of everything.  And the fact that it was right by our house and at night, made it even more terrifying.  Riley and Tyler were also incredibly freaked out.  It was a violent and scary thing to see.  I feel like we have all been stripped of our sense of safety.  Brady, especially, has been hyper vigilante and isn't able to sleep unless he is in our room.  Even last night as I laid with Tyler and him while they fell asleep, he kept getting up to look out the window and see if anyone was outside our house.  Brady also now has panic attacks in the car and refuses to sit by the window.  We're not able to convince him in any way that he is safe because he has seen too much.  Prayers for all of us to feel peace and for protection of our family would be very much appreciated.

Thankfully, we were able to regroup and have lots of fun with the Howertons.  It was a huge treat for our kids to have people their age visit.  They were so entertained and happy that I don't think I had to break up one fight between my boys the whole time that they were here (which is a miracle).  Seriously, it was a little freaky how easy it was to have eight kids together in one house.  We are so thankful for the time that we had with the Howertons and the encouragement that being with them brought us.  


We were able to have a good amount of adult time which we responsibility used to catch up on the Twilight series.  IMG_1618

And go out for dinner and coffee.

We also got to show the Howertons around Krochet Kids.  {All of the pictures at Krochet Kids were taken by Kristen.}DSC_8198DSC_8189DSC_8203DSC_8228

India got to meet Jacqui, who made her hat.  DSC_8236IMG_1580

We also walked around the neighborhood where our ladies live.IMG_157712345678123456789

And on our last day together, we had a pool party to officially kick off summer here in Lima!IMG_1592

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