Thursday, September 27, 2012



This past weekend we celebrated Riley's 11th birthday!  Friday night we had our family celebration and this year it included lots of family!  Our three interns, our program manager, five Krochet Kids staff from the States who were visiting, and the couple who donated to our Kick Starter campaign and got a trip to Peru to see our program all came too!  We went out to dinner at TGIFriday's and Riley said it was the best family birthday that she had ever had.  She just loves being in community and having lots of people around.  We were thankful that even though we're in a foreign country, our daughter was surrounded by love on her birthday!

On Saturday, Riley had a bowling party with her friends.  It was a super easy party to throw because we went bowling and then came back to the house to decorate cupcakes.  Blake and I were really just chaperones, not participants this year.  (Yes, we're starting to feel old.)

Riley said it was her best birthday ever, so I would call the weekend a huge success!  We are so thankful for our beautiful, wise, kind-hearted, strong, mature, and loving eleven year old.  She is an amazing girl and we're blessed to be her parents.


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