Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Our latest transition back to life in Lima has been the easiest by far.  I'm so thankful for that. When we got back from our trip to the States this past October, Riley had an especially hard time. She was very angry and not at all herself.  I was really worried about her on this recent trip because she visited her old house, school, and friends for the first time since leaving.  But by the end of our trip, Riley was ready to come home.  She was excited to see her friends and get back to her life here.  It was a huge blessing.  Ford was also having a lot of issues leading up to our trip and kept telling us that he just needed to live in the States again.  It's heavy stuff when your kids are begging you to move back.  So, needless to say, I was also worried about the effect a month in the States would have on Ford.  Would I be able to make him leave without breaking our hearts in the process?  While Ford definitely had the hardest time saying good-bye and leaving, I think that he really missed the routine of his life here.  Many of Ford's issues followed him to the States which I think was good for him to see.  When I picked him up from his first day back at school, he said, "I think this is going to be a really great semester of school."  

I have had a millions thoughts and feelings upon returning.  It hasn't felt any harder than normal, unlike when we returned from our trip to the States a year ago.  I think that it helps to have had more time under our belt here.  Plus we had a lot of quality time in the States, unlike our other trips which were short and over before we knew it.  I'm truly thankful to not be in a funk, but there is still a lot going on within me.  It's probably another post for another time.  I am definitely feeling broken, but in ways that I can see are growing me.  Truly only by God's grace do I keep on, keeping on.

We have kept busy since returning.  It's winter here which means the sun isn't coming out and it's cold!  I'm sitting here now with three layers on and under a down comforter just to keep somewhat warm.  

We are in the middle of a school year, so the day after we got home the kids were back in school.  IMG_0818

I also got pulled by the police a few days upon returning.  It was hard to be so quickly reminded of why it can be hard to live here.  Unfortunately, they are always just looking for bribes and unfortunately for them, I'm not willing to bribe them.  Fortunately for me, I'm not doing anything illegal, so they have to eventually let me go.

Blake and I had a belated anniversary date.  We went to one of our favorite restaurants here (Crepes and Waffles) and saw Batman.  These were our movie speakers.IMG_0827

And halfway through the movie we had an unexpected tsunami/earthquake drill.IMG_0832

Tuesdays and Thursdays it is just Tyler and me at home.  It is precious time to me.  We almost always take a nap together. 

The above picture is from Instagram and here's what I said about it: Cherishing every moment with my youngest.  Realizing how quickly they grow up and how I was so overwhelmed with the older 3 when they were this age (because there were always younger kids that needed my attention) that I didn't just be with them.  Now I take long naps with my 3 year old and just watch her sleep.  I'm incredibly thankful that God knew we needed her and all that she would teach us.

This guy.  (I didn't even update on the effect of returning for Brady and Tyler because they just go with the flow.  Those two are happy wherever they are.)  Brady and I get to hang out everyday from 3 to 3:30 while we wait to pick up Riley and Ford.  We have lots of good conversations in that time.  A recent one was Brady telling me that his teacher didn't know that he wasn't Peruvian.  When I assured him that she did know, he asked me, "How?"IMG_0843

Our friend, Jenna, is visiting for three weeks from California.  It has been a blessing having her here.  She brought down some special ingredients for Blake's birthday dinner.  

Riley wanted to make Blake's birthday special, so she put on a ping pong tournament (Blake won) and decorated for dinner.  She made also made this menu.IMG_0861

At Tyler's preschool, parents were asked to share about their professions, so Blake came and spoke to everyone about Krochet Kids.  IMG_0898

Tyler wouldn't even look at us the entire time that we were there.  She does not like her two worlds colliding at all.  


Upon returning, Riley and Ford got back to their after school activities.  Ford is on the school soccer team and Riley is in the band.  She plays xylophone and has a big concert coming up in September.IMG_0926

Tyler also started her first extracurricular activity- ballet class.  I kept all of Riley's dance clothes from when she was this age, so it was sweet to see Tyler wearing her big sister's leotards and skirts.  IMG_0913IMG_0914

This was Tyler upon learning that she didn't have dance class (after getting herself all ready).

And finally, after living in our house for five months, we set our trampoline back up.  It's a great place to send the kids during these winter months when they just need to get some energy out.IMG_0941

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