Tuesday, August 14, 2012

beach 2012


From Tennessee we drove to the beaches of North Carolina for a week with my family.  We have been spending a week at the beach every summer since I was a baby, so it's a special tradition and we were thankful to be able to go this year after missing last year.  The kids stayed on the beach from morning until dinner.  Riley and Ford loved jumping waves and boogie boarding.  Tyler could have stayed in the water all day.  She just kept taking turns convincing people to take her out.  And Brady loved playing in the sand.  He also made up a game where he threw the football in the ocean and had to dive to get it when the waves brought it back.  

{Some of these pictures are from my new Instagram account. If you want to follow me, my username is sarahfordgoodfellow. Also many of these pictures are courtesy of my brother-in-law, Chad.}


Our first night there my dad had us sit down for an announcement.  He then revealed that we would all be competing in the "Ford Family Friendly Olympics" that week.  We were divided into teams, complete with printed bandanas.  We competed in bocce, miniature golf, Tripoley, and, my personal favorite, the sprint.  The gold went to Blake, my sister, Bekah, and Tyler.  Tyler insisted on sleeping with her medal and the sign that night.


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