Tuesday, May 15, 2012

where to begin?

The past few weeks have been full.  In really fun news, I actually traveled to the US for eight days all by myself!  I had an amazing time with my sisters and closest friends.  I have a few pictures to come of my trip.  Blake held down the fort in Peru with the help of Yuli.  The kids had a blast during "Dad Week" and I have pictures to prove that too.  Of course all four kids had Mother's Day performances, although not as grand as Brady's performance last year.  The kids had last week off school because they are already done with their first semester (time truly flies).  I also got in my first legitimate accident upon returning which set me back a little.  It would be nice to be able to drive here without having panic attacks.  I'm not sure how to not have anxiety over something that is very valid to have anxiety over.  

Beyond all that, I am grieving the loss of my last living grandparent.  My sweet grandfather, whom I called Bahgah, died on Sunday night.  He was 97 years old and lived a beautiful life, so we are all thankful for that.  He was a constant presence in my life growing up, always there with a smile and encouraging word (or song).  I never saw him upset or disappointed unless the Wake Forest Demon Deacons were playing badly.  Other than that, he was always smiling.  Bahgah was actually keeping my sisters and me the weekend that Blake came to visit and officially asked me to be his girlfriend.  So he had been there from the beginning for Blake and me.  I am thankful that both my husband and my kids had time with Bahgah and will always have wonderful memories of him.  So, while I grieve, I am more celebrating a life well lived, defined by love and generosity.  I am also intensely thankful for our trip to the States in October where I was able to spend one last day with my Bahgah.


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