Thursday, March 8, 2012

first day of preschool

Tyler had her first day of school ever yesterday.  Because she has been crying for months about wanting to go to school like her big sister and brothers, it was a pretty easy transition.  She knew that she was ready and I knew that she was ready. 

Exhibit A: Tyler crying on the big kids' first day of school because she wanted to go with them.

Preschools here are very different from preschools in the States.  It is a very serious experience here where they start teaching cursive and sit at desks for long periods of time.  They also believe that kids should go five days a week for stability of routine.  I was scared that we wouldn't be able to find a preschool that would just allow Tyler to be a kid, have fun with friends, and learn at the same time.  Thankfully, through friends, we found a wonderful preschool just a block from the big kids' school.  They are allowing Tyler to only come three days a week which is a huge gift.  At three years old, I still want Tyler to be home some of the week and for her to be able to go to Krochet Kids with me (I think being with the KKp kids is a very valuable experience for her).  Her preschool is also fun and the teachers are so incredibly nice.  I'm really excited for this sweet little pumpkin's first year of school!

Tyler's pre and post school interview.

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