Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a february list

Man, I am doing a horrible job at keeping up this here blog.  Here are a few things that have been going on recently for those of you still reading:

-We took the Krochet Kids Peru ladies and their families to a movie.  It was the first movie in a cinema experience for most of them.  We saw We Bought a Zoo (Un Zool√≥gico en Casa).  We all had a lot of fun!  (Even though it was right in the middle of the 2 days we had to pack up our house.  It was a good lesson in concentrating on what's important and not worrying about the crap that doesn't matter.)

-Tomorrow I am tackling the school supply lists.  I wrote a whole post on this last year because I just couldn't believe the ridiculous amount of school supplies I had to buy for the private school I was already paying a ridiculous amount of money to.  Toilet paper??  Seriously??  That isn't included in tuition?  This is culture shock at its finest for me.  My guess is that tomorrow I will spend at least three hours hunting for school supplies and come home with less than half of the needed items.  Another issue of mine- these lists are full of items that don't seem to be available anywhere!  
{Also, there is a full back page to the first grade list.}

-I read all five books of the Game of Thrones series.  It was no small task (at 700-1000 pages each book), but totally worth it.  I am also currently addicted to Once Upon a Time and Parenthood (catching up on Netflix, so still on season 1). 

-This is how our kids had "rest time" during the

-We celebrated Yuli's one year anniversary of working with us by going out to a nice restaurant.  Our kids were so excited about going to a real sit down restaurant and talked for days about what they were going to order.  After the actual dinner, I would say that we will try a sit down restaurant again in about a year.  Also, Brady dressed himself up for the occasion.

-Tyler is having me teach her the names of the Star Wars characters as I write this post.  It's hard being the fourth kid and always trying to keep up.

-Um, this is how the moving guys got our washing machine onto our roof (I mean, laundry room).

-And this is how our internet was installed.  We also slipped the guy a few extra bucks so that the wireless internet would actually work in our entire house.  My first world problem (in our old house) of not being able to lay in bed and check email has finally been solved. 

-Krochet Kids Peru has finished most of the interviews for new ladies and will be hiring soon!  These ladies will be from a different neighborhood as our current ladies, but still from the mountainside of Chorrillos.  We are excited and hopeful. 

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