Tuesday, January 31, 2012

outside the mall

The contrast of what you find outside of the mall (versus what is inside it) is startling.  Immediately upon pulling out of the parking lot you see poverty.  Lima is truly a developing city.  Riches and poverty, old and modern, dilapidated and rebuilt, all intermixed to form this city.  Personally, I am thankful to have to face poverty as I enter the mall and I pray that I never get used to it or turn a blind eye.

Here are some pictures of the streets and neighborhoods surrounding the mall.  Because I took these pictures at night they don't show the poverty in this area as clearly as I would like, but hopefully you will get the idea.

This lady was cooking meat that looked quite yummy.  This area is alive at night with bodegas, small restaurants, street vendors, kids in the street, old people sitting on their steps, and so much more.

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