Thursday, January 26, 2012

the mall

Just for fun I thought I would do a post on the mall here in Lima.  There are actually quite a few malls here, but this particular mall is only a five minute drive from our house.  We don't have reason to go to the mall much, but last night Blake and I headed there for a date (dinner and the movies).

This mall was just renovated in 2010 to the tune of $100 million.  Most people will be surprised to see such a nice mall in a developing country.  Other missionaries will curse that we have such a place.  I can't deny that we are thankful to live in a city that has fun restaurants and the movies.  (We still miss Mexican food, Diet Coke, bagels, cookie cake, and powdered doughnuts though.  Especially powdered doughnuts.)


This is one of two department stores in Peru.  The inside of the store looks very much like any department store in the US.

One major difference between a Peruvian mall and US mall is that there are tons of banks in Peruvian malls.  Banks normally stay pretty busy here.  One reason is that bills in Peru are not paid online nor with checks (which don't exist in Peru).  You pay your bills at the bank, grocery store, or business itself.  To pay tuition for school here, you are given the school's account number and you then go to the bank and deposit the money in their account.  

Starbucks.  I think they are everywhere now.

Travel agency.

There's no Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Ikea, or the like in Peru.  Most furniture is bought at mercados directly from those who make it.  There is one home decoration store (that I have seen) and this is it.  Casa y Ideas is full of cute stuff and always a fun place to browse.  We got our favorite home decorations from here (dishes, bedspreads, window curtains, shower curtains). 

There is a huge grocery store in the mall called Tottus.

The Home Depot of Peru.

Just opened: Pinkberry.  

Also just opened: Subway!  We're very excited about this one.

The food court.

Every food court in Peru has a huge tv for fĂștbol watching.

Our eclectic dinner.  We got our drinks from Burger King because they are the only place with ice.  Peruvians don't use ice in their drinks which for me completely defeats the purpose of a fountain drink.  

The movie theater.  We used a special promo last night which made the grand total for our movie experience $5.

Anything else in Lima that you guys are interested in seeing?  

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