Monday, January 2, 2012


Gosh, 2011 was so boring.  I wish we could have found something to occupy ourselves with.  Oh wait.  Craziest year ever for us!  We only moved to a foreign country and started a new program for a NGO.


Sold all of our stuff.  My favorite line: I cannot wait to be on that plane and know that all of this planning, selling, packing, and logistical crap is behind us.  If I only knew.  That was all a piece of cake compared to actually making a life in Peru.  Actually, if I only knew then I might not have gotten on the plane.  
Last days in the States.  Hard stuff. Hard to read because we still miss that life so much.
First week in Peru.  Honeymoon stage!
I got my first lesson in patience.  One year later, we are still pumping our fists in victory over tasks that would seem small in the States. 


We found a house!  It has been a really great home for us.  We're so thankful for it.  Although we would love to move closer to the KKp program, with four different school drop off and pick up times, it looks like we are staying put for another year.
The Superbowl made me cry.  First bout of homesickness.
I got a very small glimpse of what it feels like to be resourceless.  And the hopelessness that accompanies it. 
We got schooled.  And with reading that post, my anxiety just went through the roof.  It's almost that time again.


Worst week ever.  Honeymoon is over.
First days of Peruvian school for Riley & Ford and Brady.
Unexpected trip to Chile.  I'm happy to report that just last week we finally got all of our carnets to be able to live in Peru for five years.  That insures that 2012 will be a much less stressful year than 2011, right?


We got a car!  It was such a relief to be able to go out without walking to get a taxi and then haggling over the price.
Our first visitor!  Our friend Bree came to be with me on my birthday and celebrate Easter with us.


Mother's Day in Peru.  Brady's school put on the most elaborate show I have ever seen.  One of my favorite memories by far of this past year.
I shared some of the kids' prayers.  This is one of my favorite posts.  Always keeping an open conversation and praying with our kids is one of the most important things we can do here in Peru.
Leaving it behind.  My least favorite post to read.  Still too hard to see all of those pictures.


First amusement park experience in Peru.  The paddleboat ride will never be forgotten.
(Hmm, June was a quiet month.)


We marked our 6 month anniversary in Peru.  Another one of my favorite memories of our past year.


Second Krochet Kids Peru update.  So close to starting the program!
I asked for ideas for blog posts which led me to share about our family and money choices.  (Still need to finish answering all of the questions from the original post!)
Family Day.  Another fun cultural experience for us.


We finally started the Krochet Kids Peru program!  Such a special day for us.  With the program now going, everything about our life here has changed.


I shared a need and within 24 hours you guys furnished a playroom for the kids of KKp.  Definitely a highlight of this past year!
We traveled back to the States because my sister got married!  (When we moved to Peru we had zero plans for traveling to the States within our first year.  As I keep saying, things never go as expected around here.)

Video of Jacqui, one of the ladies in our program.  This is my favorite.


The kids finished their first year of Peruvian school!  One of our biggest challenges of this past year.
We went to the pool for Christmas.

Thank you guys for following along with us on our crazy journey this past year. You have provided more love and support for our family than we could have ever asked for.  Thanks for letting me be honest and never trying to rush the end result, but just letting me be where I am.  Thanks for hurting with us and celebrating with us.  Thanks for loving our kids and the ladies of KKp.  Thanks for buying hats and giving financially.  Thanks for speaking truth and encouragement.  Thanks for not giving up on us or letting us give up on ourselves.  Happy New Year friends!

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