Sunday, December 4, 2011

six & eight


The boys had their birthday party on Saturday.  Ford turned eight yesterday and Brady will be six on Sunday.  They decided to have the same party as Riley did- movies and dinner.  I was so thankful to avoid having a real party at our house.  I just can't pull off a Peruvian birthday party right now (or ever).  The fact that movies are so incredibly cheap here is one of our favorite things about Peru.  Even more so because it got me out of throwing two birthday parties.
With 11 young boys, things were just a little crazy.  At dinner, Blake got stuck sitting at the kid table to referee and keep us from getting kicked out.  I sat with the adults and fried my brain trying to speak and understand Spanish.  Then we came back to our house to sing happy birthday and have cake and brownies.  (Brady is a weirdo who doesn't like cake.)  The boys had an absolute blast with all of their friends.  We are so thankful to see both of our boys have so many friends that they love and have fun with.
The bottom picture is of Brady's friends all giving him a huge hug.  There was a bittersweetness to the party because Brady is switching schools next year.  One of the friend's dad's emailed me this week and wrote, "Fabián lo quiere mucho a su mejor amigo Brady."  {Fabián loves his best friend Brady.}  To say we are sad that Brady only has two weeks left at his school is an understatement.  His friends and their parents are some of the sweetest people we have met since moving to Peru.  We hate that we are tearing Brady away from these relationships and making him start over, but so thankful that kindergarten has been such a wonderful experience for him.


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