Tuesday, December 27, 2011

peruvian christmas


Our first Christmas in Peru was fun, different, bittersweet, and blessed.  It was a fresh start for our family to make new traditions and re-center ourselves.  We were thankful to not be pressured into the hustle and bustle of Christmas and really have a simple time together as a family.  We spent Christmas Eve making cookies, going to the park, watching Elf and having pizza for dinner, and going to a candlelight church service.

In Peru, Christmas Eve is celebrated with fireworks.  Lots and lots of fireworks from about 11pm until 1am.  Then presents are opened that night.  Somehow our kids slept through all of the fireworks.  I have no idea how since they were so loud, but I guess they have gotten used to the noises of city life.  (Car alarms, home alarms, honking are all regular noises throughout the night.)  
Last year I was crying my way through our church's Christmas service and preparing to travel for one last Christmas with family.  In some ways last year was harder than this year because we were experiencing so many "lasts."  We were so thankful this year to have our friend Eric come spend Christmas with us so that we were not alone. 

We decided it would be best for our family to get out of the house on Christmas day and do something fun to distract us from all we were missing.  So on Christmas morning we surprised the kids by taking them to a club with a pool and water slides.  Getting to spend the day outside the city and in the pool was the best gift for our kids.  We even rented a bungalow, so we could spend the night and get an extra day at the pool.  It definitely ranks in the top 5 of our favorite experiences in Peru.  Our kids were so, so happy.  ¡Feliz Navidad indeed!


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Jess Cudzilo said...

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad! I was actually thinking about you all a lot over Christmas and hoping it was a blessed one. Looks like it was!