Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the kkp ladies :: ana g & lucy

Ana G.

ana g

Ana G. is a sweet and thoughtful 30 year old mom of two girls.  She lives with her husband (as all live-in boyfriends are called) in a one room rented shack.  Ana was born in Ayacucho, but moved to Lima when she was 13 years old by herself.  Her parents could not support her and she could not find a job in Ayacucho, so she came to the city to work as a live-in maid (a very common practice).  Ana was able to finish high school and is very smart.  She has also worked selling ice cream on the beach and watching her neighbor's son.

The job security of Krochet Kids means a lot to Ana because her husband is unable to keep a steady job.  Ana dreams of having her own home one day and going to school to study nursing.  IMG_1092

Ana's 16 month old daughter, Diana, is currently very sick.  We are not sure what Diana's exact overall diagnosis is because Ana has not offered that information to us (and we are guessing Ana has not been given an exact diagnosis).  What we can tell is that Diana is both cognitively and physically developmentally delayed.  For the past 5 days, Diana has been in the hospital with respiratory problems and Ana has been by her side.  Just prior to this hospitalization, Ana had come to Blake saying she was having a hard time paying her daughter's medical bills.  Now her daughter is in the hospital and Ana is unable to work.  I imagine she is extremely worried about both her daughter and her financial situation. 


Yesterday at Krochet Kids one of the most beautiful things happened.  All of the ladies decided to finish Ana's hats for her.  Ana had made the panels for about 30 hats and they just needed to be knitted together and crocheted at the bottom.  The ladies split the hats up between themselves and completed all 30 hats so that Ana could get paid for them.  These are women who need to be working on their own hats, but instead chose to help their friend.  Blake and I are so proud of the ladies and how far they have come in such a short time.


Lucy is our master knitter.  She is so serious about her work and it is obvious that Krochet Kids is just the first step on her ladder to success.  Lucy is a single mom to Elizabeth, who is four years old.  Ayacucha is also home to Lucy and she moved to Pacifico when she was 20 years old to live with her uncle.  Growing up Lucy worked on her family's farm and, since arriving in the city, she has worked washing clothes, babysitting, and cleaning houses.  Lucy also used to make and sell necklaces and work in a factory.IMG_0385
{Lucy helping the other ladies.}

As a single mom, having a steady job means a lot to Lucy.  She said that she is so happy to be able to provide for her daughter now.  Lucy was able to study technical nursing for a short time and she wishes to finish that degree.  She also wants to have her own hat business.  Blake (jokingly) told her that was fine as she wouldn't be in competition with Krochet Kids because we sell our hats in the US.  Lucy shot straight back with, "I plan on exporting to the United States."  The gal is sharp as a tack and an entrepreneur.  I love that even after everything Lucy has been through, she isn't afraid to dream big.  So, keep an eye out for Lucy's hat business coming soon to the US!


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