Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the kkp ladies :: adelaida & jacqui

Adela is our oldest lady, and as such is also our most wise.  She has four kids, ranging in age from three to twelve, and lives in a two room shack with her husband.  Pacifico became home to Adela when she was 27 years old.  She was born in the Huanuco district of Perú.  Adela has been working since she was 10 years old when she helped sell groceries in the market.  When Adela was in middle school, she was forced to drop out of school to watch her younger siblings while her parents worked.  

As an adult, Adela worked at a florist shop during the week and sold food on the streets on weekends.  Recently, though, she found herself out of work because she couldn't juggle working and taking care of her kids.  Their family was trying to get by on her husband's wages, but it still wasn't enough for a family of six.  Adela says she is very happy about her new job with Krochet Kids because she is learning something new and she can provide for her family.  She has always wanted to know how to knit.  Adela is also interested in studying nursing and education.  


Adela is such a gift to all of us at Krochet Kids.  Her maturity, wisdom, and joy inspire us all.  We were once having a group discussion about an important topic and many of the ladies were resisting helping out in a needed area.  Adela finally said to the ladies, "We are better than this.  We can all come together and make the right decision."  She led the charge and the other ladies followed her lead.  Her eyes speak of her kindness and she is someone you seek out when you need a comforting word.  She is already a leader and mother figure for many of the ladies in Krochet Kids.


Most of you already know about Jacqui from her video.  She is a 19 year old girl sharing a small shack on the side of her parents' home with her husband and two year old daughter, Bianca.  Jacqui has lived in Pacifico since she was a baby.  Even though Jacqui's parents made her start working when she was 12 years old, she was able to finish high school.  Her parents had her help them sell food in both Pacifico (during the weekdays) and two hours away by the airport (during the weekends).  
Jacqui's parents still expect and need her to sell tamales on the weekends.  In addition, she provides the majority of care for her daughter.  Her husband doesn't seem to be able to find much work and therefore can't contribute financially.  Unfortunately, there are still strong stereotypes in place here that say all of the responsibility for cooking, cleaning, and raising children falls on the women. Even if the husband doesn't work.  That's a lot to put on the shoulders of a 19 year old girl.


Obviously, Jacqui has been forced to grow up fast.  She is a wonderful mother and very smart.  At her young age, she is already a leader for Krochet Kids.  There is also another side of Jacqui, where you can see that she is still a child who wants to be free and have fun.  She is very social and outgoing.  Through it all, though, Jacqui accepts and handles the responsibilities given to her with much maturity.  Jacqui's drive to succeed stems from her desire to make a different life for her daughter.  She wants her daughter to have more opportunities than she had.  Jacqui also wants to study nursing and one day own her own home.  I have faith that all of these things will happen for Jacqui. 


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