Sunday, November 13, 2011


Things are a changing in our family.  Tyler turned 3 on Sunday and, in our 10 years of having kids, the youngest member of our family has never been this old.  Our identity as a family has always been that of one with many young kids.  We are entering a new phase of life and are still in shock about it most days.  This phase doesn't feel quite right for us yet, but I guess you are never fully prepared for new things.  And there are certainly many, many things we enjoy about having older kids.  Going to the bathroom by myself being high on my list.

So, even though it broke my heart a little, we finally moved Tyler out of the crib (in the closet) and into her big girl bed last month.  Tyler is loving sharing a room with Riley and for the first few weeks, wanted reassurance a few times a day that she would get to stay in Riley's room.


Like most youngest kids, Tyler is obsessed with being like her older siblings.  She wants to go to school just like them and has decided that Krochet Kids is her school.  If we don't go to KKp, Tyler usually cries in the doorway as everyone else leaves for the day.  Since KKp is her school, she now insists on taking her backpack every time we go.  Last time I checked what was in her backpack for school, there was a tutu and ball.


Tyler decided to celebrate her birthday a few days early by busting her head open and getting stitches (again).  Then she threw up all night on Friday.  Our only birthday plans for Tyler were to take her to see a Cinderella play on Saturday, so I got a little nervous that we were going to have to miss her only celebration.  Thankfully she was much better on Saturday, so we got to go to the play.  

At first, Tyler was a little unsure of the dark theatre.  There were some tears, but I finally convinced Tyler that Cinderella was her friend.  By the end of the play she was dancing and having fun.


Riley felt that we weren't doing enough for Tyler's birthday, so being the sweet big sister that she is, she decorated the dining room for dinner.  We enjoyed a dinner of pancakes and eggs and then Tyler dug into her birthday cake!


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