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the kkp ladies :: ana h & belén

Ana H.
ana h
Ana H. is a tiny and quiet (with some spitfire in her if needed) 37 year old lady with three kids.  Her oldest daughter lives with her ex-husband and Ana has been left to raise the younger two on her own.  She was born in Abancay (a city close to Cusco), but moved to Lima to help her mother pay the bills and have more opportunities.  

Moving to Lima from outlying cities for opportunity is definitely a theme in these shantytowns.  Where the mountains surrounding the city were once bare, there are now millions of homes.  To those barely surviving, the city seems to promise jobs and an income.  Unfortunately the reality is that 9 million people now live here and the job market cannot possibly accommodate the burst in growth.  


Ana has finished elementary school.  Like most of the ladies she had to drop out of school to work.  She has worked as a housekeeper, selling food on the streets, and as a chauffeur on buses/combis (chauffeurs hang out the bus door trying to get people on the bus and collecting their fare).  As a chauffeur, Ana would work from 6am to late at night and make about $10 a day.


Now, at KKp, Ana has a job where she not only works a normal workday, but can bring her kids.  She said that she now has time to spend with her kids and can buy them the things that they need (food, school supplies, and medicine were the items she specifically listed).  Ana said she dreams of one day having her own home because she currently lives with her sister.  She also wants to study fashion which I just love because I never would have imagined that for her, but she hasn't let life steal her dreams.  

{Ana asked me to take this picture of her and her son, Manuel, because she doesn't have any pictures of herself.  She is standing in front of Belén's house.}


Belén has the most stable home life of any of our ladies.  She has a sweet husband and three (mostly sweet) kids.  Her youngest son, Rodrigo, purposely peed on Blake's leg on the first day of KKp.  He is definitely giving Belén a run for her money!  Belén and her husband have their own home which is obviously a rarity in Pacifico.  The past year has been very hard on Belén as she had significant health problems requiring surgery.  She was very scared for her life and she says that she still does not feel 100% and worries about her health.

Belén also moved to Lima from an outlying district (Aucayacu).  Belén's parents divorced when she was young and she moved around a lot with different family members.  She still has a hard time talking about her parent's divorce.  Belén finished high school and you can tell that being schooled up to that age makes a significant difference in the intellectual capacity of these women.

belen's kids

Past jobs for Belén include housekeeping, selling food, and working in a factory.  Belen says that she is more relaxed now because she has job security and she can bring Rodrigo to work.  She dreams of having her own business making and selling crafts and party decorations like piñatas.  Nursing is also a career that interests her.  Belén has the potential to become a leader for KKp, but she does need to mature a little more.  Each of these ladies is used to living day to day and when you are in survival mode you just can't take care of other people.  We believe that with the KKp program, mentorship, and lots of prayer, Belén will grow into a leader.


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