Saturday, November 26, 2011

festival folclórico

This past Saturday Brady's school had their annual Festival Folclórico (Folk Festival).  Every grade from preschool to high school performs traditional Peruvian folk festival dances.  Many of these dances are performed during carnivals and are in honor of patron saints.  Brady's dance was "Carnaval de Ocobamba" from the Apurímac region.  That's about all the information I figured out, but I will add that seeing Brady dance in traditional Peruvian dress was definitely a highlight of his kindergarten year for me.  

A very small sampling of the dances and dress from other classes.  (There were over 25 dances.)IMG_1102IMG_1088IMG_1090IMG_1095IMG_1105IMG_1118IMG_1134

And Brady's dance.IMG_1140IMG_1145IMG_1148IMG_1151IMG_1169IMG_1180IMG_1187

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