Friday, November 25, 2011

día de acción de gracias

We had a fun first Thanksgiving in Peru!  We kept the kids home from school (even though that stressed Ford out because he missed a test).  After a little searching I was able to find the Macy's parade on the internet and we all sat around and watched it for awhile.  Then we went and got our Christmas tree.  And by that I mean we drove to the mall and bought a horrible fake tree.  I'm sorry, but I just can't get into fake trees.  Right now it just looks so pitiful all boxed up, but hopefully after we get it assembled and decorated it will feel more "Christmasy."  We came back from the mall and watched some football and cooked and then we headed to our Thanksgiving feast.  We were so thankful to be invited to our friends, Justin and Alison's, home and celebrate with around 40 other North Americans.  Making a traditional meal from the United States is quite a challenge in a foreign country.  Thankfully all of our friends have been at this  longer than us and know to bring back ingredients from the States.  Between that and lots of improvisation we had a very authentic meal!  With being in the city and having no space for the 18 kids there, someone had the great idea of renting a bounce house.  After dinner, the adults enjoyed a competitive washers tournament that even included a handmade (by Blake) trophy for the winners.  I'm sorry to say that team Goodfellow was knocked out in the first round.  We finally got home around 9 that night and there were some very sleepy kids the next morning getting ready for school.  It was obviously a very different Thanksgiving for us, but we were still able to give thanks for much!  I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


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