Wednesday, November 9, 2011



Before I introduce all of the ladies in the KKP program, I wanted you guys to meet Chabela.  Chabela is our trainer and production manager.  You won't see her profile on the website or her name on any hats, but she is really the one who makes everything happen at KKP.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that without her we would not have any hats to sell!  


Many months ago Blake was looking for someone to make sample hats for KKP.  He saw Chabela's name and phone number on a bulletin board in a yarn store and called her.  Chabela ended up spending almost every day at our house for a month making sample hats for us.  In the end she made over 100 hats and we saw how skilled she was at the hand machine.  We then hired her to train the ladies for two weeks.  It didn't take us long to realize that we needed Chabela on staff full time.  Blake asked her to come work permanently for KKP and thankfully she accepted the job!  She now oversees the ladies and all of the hats that they make on a daily basis.  She is there for them when they are struggling on the machine and she helps them fix any mistakes they make.  She keeps them on task (not always easy!) and helps them meet their hat quotas each week.  She sews in tags, helps with quality control, and prepares the machines.  Chabela is so excited for the ladies and all of the recognition they are getting, all while knowing that her name will never be known.  She has really taken ownership in KKP and we are so thankful for that.  To have someone that we trust with our program and the ladies is no small thing.  In Chabela we see God taking care of our program and giving us just the right lady for the job.  


Because Chabela loves the ladies so well, they all love her in return.  They all call her "Chabelita" which indicates affection in Spanish.  Saturday was Chabela's birthday and she invited everyone to her birthday party.  Chabela rides the bus two hours each way to come to work every day and this past weekend it was the ladies turn to ride the bus to her house to celebrate with her.  There was food and dancing- typical Peruvian party!


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