Thursday, October 20, 2011

the wedding

We are back in Peru after a whirlwind 10 days in the States.  I don't think I've ever been this tired in my life (and that is saying a lot).  With all of the pre-wedding errands and preparations and then the actual wedding activities, there was never a dull moment.  We had another two days after the wedding to be with family and then do our shopping.  We stocked up on peanut butter, contact solution, toothpaste, nilla wafers, and more lego holders.  We also brought back birthday and Christmas presents for the kids.  And then we had all of the wonderful donations for KKP!  After many hours of packing and weighing, we had 12 full suitcases/boxes to bring back to Peru (we only had two full suitcases coming from Peru to North Carolina).  I am headed to KKP tomorrow to set up the children's room.  Thank you again to everyone who donated.  We are still overwhelmed by your response!

The wedding was so special.  My sister, Hannah, was beautiful and it was a really joyous occasion.  Hannah has been through a lot in her life due to health issues, so this day meant a lot to everyone involved and was truly a reason to celebrate.  Our whole family was honored to be a part of it.  I was a matron of honor (along with my other sister, Bekah), Riley was a junior bridesmaid, the boys were ring bearers, Tyler was a flower girl, and Blake read scripture.  One of my favorite parts of the ceremony was that Bekah's husband performed the ceremony.  It was so special to be up there with my sister by my side, watching by other sister get married by my brother-in-law.  And seeing all four of my kids come down the aisle brought tears to my eyes.  I told Hannah and Chad at their rehearsal dinner that it finally felt like our family was complete.  Of course more kids will be added, but the adults are all here now.  I couldn't ask for better sisters or brother-in-laws and I know that we are going to have a lot of fun growing old together.  Because we all love each other so much and love being together, it makes leaving and living so far away hard.  

I have to admit that on the wedding day I was a tad bit stressed out with the kids and making sure everyone was dressed and in the right place at the right time (including myself).  Therefore, I didn't take any pictures.  I'm really sad about it, but hopefully soon we will get to see the professional pictures.  So, here are the embarrassingly few pictures I got off my mom's camera...


There was a photo booth at the reception.  Brady spent the majority of the reception dancing in the below outfit.  He sometimes added the blow-up guitar, saxophone, or microphone.  He was in his own world on the dance floor.  Riley and Tyler also danced the night away.  To no one's surprise, Ford's feet never touched the dance floor.

Tyler was watching everyone write a message on the chalkboard, dress up, and then take a picture.  She finally went over, got the chalkboard, and wrote a "T" for Tyler.  Then she dressed herself up and posed for a picture.

My parents.  They are having a hard time dealing with their last daughter being married off.

Yep.  The only picture I have with my sisters is this one.P1000373 P1000372

Three out of four kids crashed at the reception.
P1000377 P1000378 P1000387 P1000388

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