Tuesday, October 11, 2011

wedding week

We are in North Carolina for 10 days living it up and getting ready for my sister's wedding on Saturday.  It is so good to be with family and we are really excited to celebrate my sister, Hannah, and soon to be brother-in-law, Chad.  I'm thankful that I can finally help my sister with wedding stuff since I have been a horrible matron of honor so far.  We have also been planning a fun bachelorette party for Thursday.

We took a red-eye flight on Friday night out of Lima, had a 5 hour layover in Miami early Saturday morning, and finished up with a flight to Charlotte.  So what did we do after 18 hours of traveling with four kids who barely slept?  Well, we drove straight from the airport to a Wake Forest University football game.  There was no way we were passing up the opportunity to cheer on the Deacons.  And since we will not be in the US again during the fall we knew this would be our only chance to go to a football game for the next five years.  The Deacons did not disappoint and beat #23 Florida State in an exciting game.

On Sunday we threw a surprise birthday party for the kids since they all either recently had a birthday or are having a birthday in the next few months.  We thought it would be fun for them to celebrate with family.  The kids also love cookie and ice cream cakes and neither are available in Peru, so they were pumped to each have a special birthday cake.

Monday was a day of wedding errands and bachelorette party preparations.  All of us are now almost outfitted for the big day.  Tyler's feet are too fat to fit in any appropriate shoes, so she will probably be a barefoot flower girl.  Blake got a last minute invite to play golf with Chad yesterday, so that made his day.  There's not much else he would rather do with his time in the States then play golf.

My sister and I took lunch to my grandfather today and then helped him with his physical therapy while the kids went to a movie with my mom and cousin.  Now we're resting up before everyone starts coming in town tomorrow.  We have the bachelorette party, bridesmaid luncheon, more golf, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, wedding day brunch, and of course the actual wedding all in the next few days!  

Here's some pictures from the first few days...

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