Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the kids' room!

Last Friday I had the privilege of setting up and surprising the ladies of KKP with the kids' room using all of the toys and equipment that you guys donated.  They were so thankful and were repeating "gracias" to me over and over.  I kept telling them that my friends in the US were excited that they were able to have childcare and wanted to help out a little, so they did this for them.  Of course the kids were so excited too and rushed to play with all of the toys.  These toys will make a significant difference for these kids, most of whom spend seven hours in this room each weekday.  So, thank you guys again for making this room happen.  You guys were so generous and I know it not only encouraged the ladies, but Blake and me as well.  ¡Muchas gracias a mis amigas!

As a reminder, here was the room before.

And now the room after.  
It would be much cuter if I had been able to put up the wall decor that my friend, Jessica, sent.  Because the program is growing like crazy we might be changing locations soon, so I want to save them.  

IMG_1940 IMG_1941 IMG_1948 IMG_1949 IMG_1956 IMG_1958IMG_1959
A blog reader, Laura, sewed a doll for each kid.  Such a special gift!

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Jessica said...

This makes me happy! Well done!