Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the scooter

We got Tyler a cheapo scooter at the mercado a few months ago. At first she didn't want much to do with it. Pretty soon, though, she learned how to ride it and now she is a little bit obsessed with it. In fact, she has decided that she doesn't so much care for actually walking around the house anymore. Instead she rides the scooter all throughout the house. It is pretty darn cute to see her zipping around everywhere.


She rides her scooter right up to wherever she needs/wants to be whether it's dinner...

...or helping me get ready for Spanish class...

...or watching television.

She rides her scooter to pick up Ford and Riley from school.
scooter 2

And stops along the way to tell a really important story.

At night and during nap time she always parks the scooter in one of two spots.
scooter 1

All of the members of our family have decided that she isn't allowed to grow up. We need a scooter-riding two year old in our house forever.

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