Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a new beginning

The past seven months have been full of meetings with more organizations and churches then can be remembered, many false starts, many dead ends, lots of legal meetings, bags and bags of yarn purchases, sample hats being made and remade, sample hats being mailed, intense interviews with potential ladies, hours on skype, five attempts at opening a bank account, plans being made and changed and made and changed, location scouting, and massive amounts of prayer.  And it has all been leading up to this day.  

The first official day of our Krochet Kids Peru program.  

Last week five women found out that they would going to be a part of KKP.  Two of them cried and all were just so grateful to have a job.  To know that someone was willing to take a chance on them and employ them even though they don't have a resume or, in some cases, can't even read.  And I think that they all realize that this is bigger than a job.  That this is an opportunity to change the course of their lives and their families' lives.  They see that this is an investment in them on our part and that we are asking for an investment from them.  We are asking them to show up on time, work hard, and produce quality products.  More than that, we are asking them to view all of us involved in KKP as family.  To place great importance on this community, to be honest and vulnerable, and to be willing to work together on issues both big and small.  

So, yesterday, we sat in one of the ladies' homes (our location isn't ready yet) and these women began to learn the trade that I truly believe will change their lives.  It was obvious that they were overwhelmed at first.  Learning something new is always hard and frustrating.  Doing it under the eye of your new, highly educated, rich, white employer is...I don't even know the word for it.  Overwhelming times 100??  

We tried to provide as relaxed an environment as we could.  We told the ladies we knew they would not be able to learn how to knit in a day or even a week.  We have set aside three weeks for training.  At the end of the day, the women wouldn't stop knitting.  They are excited.  And so are we.
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