Tuesday, September 13, 2011


When I started writing this post I had a few "firsts" that we have experienced in the past few weeks in mind to share.  Obviously, we have a lot of firsts happening in our lives right now because the list kept growing.

-The ladies all completed their first hats!  If you want to pray for these ladies we would love that.  What they are doing is no easy task.  The effects of poverty are deep, so these ladies are already facing challenges.  The ladies are (left to right) Elizabet, Ana, Jacque, Belen, and Luz.
IMG_1020 IMG_1018

-I knitted for the first time.  And right after I took the below picture, I pulled apart everything that I had done because it was too tight.  I will definitely not be finishing my first hat as fast as our ladies did.

-Ford has joined his first basketball team.  It's also the first team sport any of our kids have been a part of since moving to Peru.  We had been putting off sports because we have just been so overwhelmed with figuring out life here, but our kids have sorely been missing playing sports.  We played soccer in the States and only since moving here have I realized how much a part of our life it was.  We definitely took our ability to play soccer for granted.  Our Saturdays revolved around soccer, we took kids to practices all week, and Blake was even Riley's coach.  We have all felt the void left in our lives without soccer.  And all of our kids have been asking when they could play soccer again.  

So, as much as we don't want to get in over our heads right now, when Ford came home beaming because he was asked to be on the school's basketball team, there was no way we could tell him "no."  This means, though, that twice a week he is at school from 8-5, has tutoring from 5-6, eats dinner, does homework, and goes to bed.  But he is so, so happy to be on a team and competing again.  His first game he didn't get to play until the last few minutes.  When I asked him how he felt about that, he answered, "Well now they know how good I am."  (All this talk of Ford playing basketball and soccer reminded me of this post from almost exactly three years ago to the day.)

-Brady rode the school bus for the first time.  His school (and most that we have seen) don't have a bus system, but individuals (many times parents) run their own school buses.  With our Krochet Kids program starting and Blake having the car at work all day, we need Brady to ride the bus home everyday.  When Blake first told Brady that he may be riding the bus, Brady got really concerned and said, "But I'm only a kid, Daddy, and I don't speak Spanish.  How will I know how to get home?"  He thought we were putting him on the public buses!  Then the night before Brady's first bus ride home, he broke down sobbing.  Even though he knew he wasn't riding the public bus, he was still scared.  The next day, though, when he got home from riding the bus, he said, "I love it!  I want to ride it every day!"  Classic Brady.


-Tyler and I had our own first bus ride experience.  Obviously when I go to our program I need to leave early to be home for the older kids.  It is easier to leave the car with Blake so that he can get home in time for dinner (using public transportation adds at least a half hour).  Plus I'm still not comfortable driving long distances in Lima.

So Tyler and I take two buses home from Chorrillos (the district our program is located).  The bus system here is fairly new and really nice.  Thankfully the first bus we take is never full and we get on at the first station for the second bus so we always have a seat.

(Do not let this picture fool you.  Traffic is normally never this light and calm.)

After the buses, we also take a combi.  Combis are part of life here, so this isn't a first, but I thought I would still share about them.  Combis are large vans or small school bus-like vehicles that you jump on and off.  This explanation by Wikipedia is awesome, especially the part on combi culture.  "These microbuses dash dangerously fast, frequently crashing and speeding off before their passengers have got both feet in the vehicle."  (A combi has hit my car so I have to agree with Wikipedia's assessment.)

IMG_1825 IMG_1826

Overall it is a much more peaceful experience for me to sit on a bus and have some hangout time with Tyler than try to navigate the streets of Lima.


-We found Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for the first time.  So yummy!

-Tyler had her first night without a pacifier.  I know we're a little late on this, but I'm in no rush with the fourth kid.  Also, Tyler's our first kid to use a pacifier so I'm actually a newbie in this area.  Thankfully the transition went well and she still slept her usual twelve hours at night.  Other first that needs to happen: Tyler's first night in her big kid bed.  As I mentioned, she just sleeps so peacefully right now which means that I sleep so peacefully right now.  I don't really want to mess that up.  I also feel like this is the last step in moving from having little ones in our home to all big kids.  I'm not the least bit ready for that.  

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