Thursday, August 11, 2011

krochet kids peru august update

Stories Are Being Written:

Welsy Olara, in our program in Uganda, has a story that is well underway (I hope you took the 3 minutes to watch the video above). Her story is remarkable, it can not be measured, it includes bruises from life's hardships, but it also has the fragrance of what love and empowerment can provide. We at Krochet Kids are honored to come alongside these women as they write a new future for their lives. Our past few months in Lima have allowed us to begin to understand the stories of women and families living in poverty in Peru. They include pain, joy, suffering, beauty, destruction, and discouragement. However, we are thrilled to see pages including Krochet Kids beginning to be being drafted. We can't tell you the conclusion or even how many chapters we will write with these women, but we know we get to be around for a few profound pages of change, restoration, and dreams that weren't even thought of in the past.

Below are women who went through our first assessment process. We are currently doing one more round of assessments and those most qualified will be selected to start with us September first.


These women are from a neighborhood we were excited to find after searching and listening these past 6 months. We have a couple leaders in the community and organizations offering us the friendly local support we were looking for. It is in the district of Chorrillos in the city of Lima.


After six months of our family living here, we are just getting started on the reason we came. That's very exciting for us! We are continuing to learn how to live in Peru, how to give ourselves away, and how to take care of ourselves. Thank you for your patience and continued support along the way. We feel loved and encouraged by each of you and we are so privileged to be on this side of the story that includes all of us. So much fun stuff to come this next quarter!!!

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How exciting that this part is starting!