Tuesday, August 30, 2011

el día de la familia

Last weekend we celebrated "El Día De La Familia" at Brady's school. It is similar to field day in the States if field day included the families, was super competitive, and lasted nine hours. At Brady's school each class held their own family day and picked their own activity.

After many emails and discussion, Brady's class decided to have family day at a campo. Campos are everywhere on the outskirts of Lima. They are basically clubs (some are private, some are public) that offer fields, playgrounds, pools, and various other activities. The term club is a little misleading because they aren't necessary expensive. Our family of six only paid $15 for the day and the campo was very nice. (We all gazed longingly at the pool because we haven't seen one since we moved here and the kids begged to come back as soon as possible.) The best part of campos? They are in the sun! It was so refreshing to bask in the sun for a day when we have been surrounded by clouds and fog (pollution?) for months. As I've said before, the sun doesn't shine (at all) during the winter in Lima. We were a bit like prisoners who had been in solitary confinement and hadn't seen light in awhile. It took our eyes some time to adjust to the brightness.

After driving an hour and a half to the campo, we started the day with family introductions.

Then we played lots of games. Go Team Rojo!
In this game we had to unscramble Spanish words. Blake and I were a huge help.

IMG_1702 IMG_1704 Blake was totally cheating in this picture.

IMG_1705 IMG_1710 IMG_1740 IMG_1716 IMG_1719
Introducing Memo. (Short for Guillermo which is William in Spanish. Blake's middle name is William.)

tyler & jesus Tyler found a friend in Jesus. No, seriously, this is her new friend Jesus.

IMG_1722 Mini-golf (golfito) with concrete "greens" where your ball never stops rolling around.

IMG_1726 IMG_1729 Blake told Tyler "no" about something. Oh, the drama.

IMG_1749 Obviously Blake and I need to spice our wardrobes up because there were no adult red shirts to be found in our house. Or we just really like to make sure that we stand out because the skin color and height difference doesn't seem to set us apart enough here in Peru.

IMG_1734 Brady loved having a special day with his class!

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