Tuesday, July 26, 2011

what an expat does with 12 free hours in the States

We added one day to our trip to the States so that we could try to squeeze in everything that we were missing. Mainly, food and Target. The kids were set on going to the bagel shop for breakfast, so my parents, sister, and her fiance took them in the morning while I caught up on a little sleep. After I got ready I met them there and the girls continued on to find dresses for Riley and Tyler for my sister's wedding. Thankfully, we found dresses for both girls.


My mom and sister then took Riley and Tyler back to the house so that I could enjoy lunch at Panera alone. I miss Panera like crazy. It was always my happy place. I went there whenever I needed a break from the kids. I would sit in peace and read a book. The broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl is major comfort food for me. So, being there brought back feelings of peace and comfort. I can't say that I have found a peaceful place to get away from my kids in this crazy city we live in now.


From there I stopped by Old Navy and then I met up with my kids, Blake, and mom at Chick-Fil-A for their lunch. Blake misses CFA like crazy. We had a special guest for lunch- my 96 year old grandfather! It was so great to see him, even if it was too brief.

After lunch we took the kids back to the house for some slip'n'slide fun with my dad which turned into a big water fight. It's winter in Peru, so the kids loved having a day in the water and sun. Blake and I went on to what was the most important destination of the day...Target. We had big plans for Target because we have found most "stuff" to be more expensive in Peru than the US. For example, we didn't bring any frames to Peru because they took up precious packing space and we assumed we could easily buy them here. Then we got here and after scouring the stores, the cheapest frames I could find were $20 (for a small and not so cute frame).


For those wondering, here's most of the items that we bought at Target:
-8 bottles of kid shampoo.
-8 tubes of kid toothpaste.
These tubes of toothpaste cost almost exactly the same. The one on the left is what is available in Peru and the one on the right what is available in the US.

-6 frames for $5 each. This was my favorite purchase of the trip. Target had the cutest frames that matched our living room perfectly. After having a bare house for 6 months, it was so fun to come home and decorate a little.
-Crap from the dollar bin (of course).
-8 bottles of OxiClean. Stain remover is hard to find here.
-A few cute shirts and earrings.
-Swedish Fish, Chex Mix, Teddy Grahams, Nilla Wafers, Goldfish, Ranch dressing.
-Kitchen canisters.
-Chair for Riley's desk.
-Pens, crayons, electronic pencil sharpener.
-Inflatable pool in anticipation of summer here!
-Diapers (Tyler still wears them at night).
-10 large tubs of Peanut Butter.

When the magic was done at Target, we had plans to go to Mellow Mushroom for dinner since I am obsessed with their pretzels. We quickly realized that our time was running out and that we had to pack everything (which is a fun game of weighing and repacking). So, Blake and my mom picked up Mellow Mushroom and brought it back to the house. This allowed me to start packing instead of trying to wrangle 4 kids at a sit down restaurant.

My parents took the kids for yogurt after dinner and I think they finally went to bed around 10. Blake and I followed them a few hours later after we finished packing and I enjoyed a delicious bowl of chocolate ice cream. It was an epic day in the good ole' US!


Christie Elkins said...

I loved this!! These are exactly the things I would have done in your position. Can't go wrong with the Target dollar aisle ;) Continuing to pray for your family!

Erin said...

Thank God for Target! I could live in that store! Good call on the peanut butter. I don't know why other countries haven't caught on to it's deliciousness like we have. Hopefully you have enough to last until the wedding! :)

Sarah said...

I don't know exactly why Target is so amazing, but it really is. I never thought I could miss a store so much. :)

Erin- that was my goal for the day- get enough of everything to last until the wedding! We'll see how I did.

Sara said...

We live 1.5 hours from the nearest Target, so I feel your pain (only a bit; I know!). Have you looked into whether amazon grocery would ship to Peru? I know they do some international shipping and it might make the transition a bit easier. It's amazing the things we take for granted here, isn't it?

Meaghan said...

This absolutely made my day! Seeing you back in your element even though it was under these circumstances made me SO HAPPY FOR YOUR FAMILY! Sarah please know that everyone supports even followers from near and far!! Plus its target..HELLO always amazing!