Friday, July 22, 2011


Not much has gone as we expected in Peru and last week was certainly no exception. Six months ago when we moved to Peru, we knew that our first trip back to the States would be in July of 2012. Two weeks ago, we knew our first trip back to the States would be this October (for my sister's wedding). As it turns out, we just got back from the States early Monday morning after attending my gramma's funeral. My gramma's death was a hard pill for me to swallow because six months ago, I lived an hour and a half from her and would have been able to be with her before she passed. Instead, I was sitting in a foreign country wondering if I would even be able to make it back to her funeral.

Thankfully, we all were able to go to the States and be there for my gramma's funeral. We knew that it would be a huge undertaking with four kids, but we wanted our first trip back to the States to be together. I didn't want to experience both my gramma's funeral and my first trip home without Blake. I needed him by my side to process all of the emotions these two unexpected events would bring out in me. I even wondered before we left if I was emotionally strong enough to handle it all. I knew that it would be hard to have a taste of life in the States and then leave it again so abruptly. I didn't want to face all that we were missing out on. But I also knew that I needed to be there to say good-bye to my gramma.

The trip was exhausting. My gramma had funerals in two different states, so we traveled (by plane) four of the seven days that we were gone. That's not really advisable with four kids, but we did it. We saw the inside of seven different airports and logged over 10,000 miles in the air. We started with a 10 hour flight and 2 hour car trip that didn't get us into bed until 4am the morning of my gramma's funeral. Also not advisable to go into an emotional week with no sleep. But it was totally worth it. I am so grateful that I got to be there for everything and that I got to be with my family through it all.


My favorite night of the whole trip (obviously Bekah's too). It was the only night that we got to eat dinner together as a family. After dinner, we walked around outside in the most perfect weather. It was a huge breath of fresh air for me to have such a beautiful night outside with my family. It was quiet and peaceful. Then we all got ice cream sundaes. I wish every night could be like that!



And you know who we were most excited about being with- Ever! It had been six months since we had seen our only niece/cousin, so there was lots of hugging, kissing, and holding in store for her.



Erin said...

How fortunate that you had the means to be able to travel back to the States and be with your family. I can't imagine how emotional this has all been for you. Remember, October is just around the corner!!

*Lissa* said...

So glad you got to be there with your family! Both of my Grandmas have died within the last month and, ugh. It's been rough.

Breanne said...

LOVE the picture of Ever & Birdie. It's my fave.

Anonymous said...

So happy to see you with your family and most of all to see the kids with Ever in their arms!! Alexa is so happy that she is keeping in touch with Riley...she will forever hold a special place in her heart!!

Kimi Finley said...

Awww the pics with Ever are priceless!!